About The Texas Probate Mailing List

Glenn Karisch
, owner of this site, also sponsors an email mailing list focusing on matters of interest to Texas attorneys practicing in the estate planning, probate, trust and elder law areas.  Subscribers can send messages to one email address, and all other subscribers get the message.  This is a good way to ask the 1,400 or so subscribers questions about difficult topics, as well as a way to keep up with current events.

As part of the new and improved Texas Probate Web Site, most list messages are being posted, indexed and archived on the new site.  Most importantly, this provides an effective way to search prior posts by category, tag and key word.  It also permits reading posts in a threaded way -- the initial post appears, followed by the responses (called "comments" on the site) to that initial post.  Another feature is that each post and its link can be bookmarked in your browser for later reference.

To keep non-subscribers from accessing the mailing list posts and indexes, list members must become a professional member of the Texas Probate Web Site if they wish to access the new services.  They may apply for professional membership by completing and submitting this form.

Web Interface for the List

Persons may subscribe and unsubscribe themselves, as well as change many options for their subscription, by going to this page:

That page has more information about the list.  To post to the list, send an email message to probate@list.texasprobate.net. 

List Archives

Click here to access the web-based archives since January 1, 2011.  If you wish to search for pre-2011 posts, you must access the old archives by clicking this link.  You must be a subscriber to access the archives.  To search for posts made in 2011 or later, it is much easier to use the search resources on The Texas Probate Mailing List.

List Policies

Members of the list and professional members of The Texas Probate Web Site must comply with the list policies, which may be viewed by clicking this link

Questions and Problems

If you have questions about the list, or if you have trouble subscribing to the list, email Glenn Karisch at karisch@texasprobate.com.