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Estate, Trust and Guardianship Litigation

Sometimes it is impossible to resolve a dispute without involving the judicial process.  The Karisch Law Firm, PLLC, has experience helping clients who find themselves unable to work out family estate, trust and guardianship matters amicably.

Estate and trust law is a specialized area of practice.  Many of the issues that arise are unique to estates, guardianships and trusts.  The law in these fields is based on equitable principles and on specific Texas statutes governing estates, guardianships and trusts.  Glenn Karisch has worked actively on legislation in this area since 1997 and is familiar not only with the statutes themselves but also the reason the statutes are there in the first place.

The types of litigation involving estates, guardianships and trusts include:

  • will contests.
  • contested guardianships.
  • lawsuits requiring executors and trustees to account.
  • breach of fiduciary duty litigation.
  • lawsuits to recover property lost by incompetent or dishonest executors and trustees.
  • lawsuits seeking the removal and replacement of executors and trustees.
  • litigation to construe the terms of a will or trust.
  • defending executors and trustees against claims by beneficiaries.
  • actions to modify or terminate trusts.

If you are involved in this type of dispute, contact The Karisch Law Firm, PLLC, to see if we can help.