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The 82nd Texas Legislature ended its regular session May 30, 2011. All probate, guardianship and trust bills passed during the session have been signed by the Governor, and most become effective September 1, 2011. One bill in the first called session (SB 1) contains guardianship changes and, as of July 8, 2011, was awaiting the Governor's signature. Each bill affecting probate, guardianship and trust law is listed below. Click here to search for a particular bill, or use the list of topics and key words to the right to find legislation.

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All bills are labeled "Awaiting Governor's Signature," "Enacted," or "Did Not Pass."

Entries in HB 2095 (1)


x-Did Not Pass: HB 2095 -- Genetic testing in heirships

Caption: Relating to genetic testing in certain proceedings to declare heirship.
Author: Thompson
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Relevance: This bill would amend Section 53C of the Probate Code to provide that the presumption under Section 160.505 of the Family Code would apply in determining heirship if genetic testing is ordered, and that presumption can be rebutted in the same manner as provided by Section 160.505.